Tuesday, August 31, 2010

W11 D4 - Hot and tired (doing well)

I have exercised 4 days in a row, 50/50 on Sunday (previously blogged), x-trainer/rowing/bike on Monday, BodyPump yesterday morning and BodyStep this morning. I am both sleepy-tired and muscularly-tired, I think I need a break. May or may not try Zumba tomorrow night.

Yesterday the sun was definitely thinking about rising when I got out of the house. I got to the gym on time, but was one of the last in the room and it was packed! Last week I merely missed out on the weights I wanted, this week there wasn't even any bars left! I had to use the instructors second bar (she, like some others in the class, use 2 so they don't have to take weights on and off for different muscle groups). I used the heavier weights again, Pump is feeling really good.

This morning I was again one of the last in the room and it was nearly as full as yesterday, so I was right up the front beside the instructors platform rather than in front of it, so I was turned a bit sideways compared to everyone else which was a little confusing when learning new steps (it was a new routine starting today, they run each routine for a few weeks - a month maybe?). Fourth day in a row, I was quite tired. But worse, I was hot. Someone else complained about the temperature and they checked but the air conditioning was on, or so said reception. I drip sweat in that class anyway, and I was really starting to suffer in the heat. Someone up the back slipped and twisted their ankle so we stopped for a few minutes so she could be looked after, but as soon as we started again I was hot and exhausted. I kept at it for half an hour, with a few short breaks to try to recover, then decided I couldn't do it any more and left. The difference in temperature between that room and out in the weights room was very noticable, the moment I walked out the door there was blessedly cool air on my face.

Another reason I left the class early was that yesterday all the showers were busy when I finished my class so I just went home and showered there, I don't sweat nearly so much in a Pump class so I was ok with doing that. But today I needed a shower right away and couldn't face the possibility that I would force myself through the class and then couldn't have a cool shower straight away! So I left early, had my long luke-warm shower and came out as the rest of the class were starting on their abs. I still got in 30 mins of very strenuous exercise and don't regret leaving early, I think it was the right decision.

First day of Spring!

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