Monday, August 9, 2010

W8 D3 - Pumping it

I've been keeping up with the exercise, I put Aiden in creche yesterday and did crosstrainer/rowing maching/bike for 50 mins, and today I went to the 6.15am Pump class.

We had our usual Monday night D&D game, but I left them to their merriment and went to bed at 9.30. I slept very poorly, waking 6 or 7 times to check the clock. I was using my new mobile phone as the alarm and I had not used that function before and I guess I didn't quite trust it. Hopefully this won't be a problem in future. The alarm came on as planned, rather pleasantly musical. Of course it was pitch dark, and pouring rain.

Got up, Aiden woke and cried (not sure why) and I went and comforted him which used up precious seconds, dressed but no time to make even a rudimentary breakfast so grabbed a muesli bar to eat in the car. Gym seemed even more crowded than usual at that ungodly hour, I guess all the runners had to come inside too.

I have mixed feelings about the class itself. I have to be very careful because of my dodgy shoulders; I have to modify some of the moves and I do the whole class with no weight on the bar - just the bar itself which probably weighs less than a kilo. I think I can move up to 1kg each side next time for a couple of the tracks, but for most of it the bar itself is enough. I was protecting my shoulders, but I didn't feel I was using my muscles enough. Other times I have found it hard work so I am not sure what was different today - do I usually use some weight for some of it? It has been a while. I will work up to it, anyway. The exercise is good for my shoulders if I am gentle, but there are some moves I just can't do. I must have done some work, because by the end I was in a rather slimy sweat and my body feels tired, but at the time I wasn't feeling the muscle burn as much as usual.

Well, three days of exercise in a row is great.

There isn't any work up for me yet today - maybe I should go and have a nap!

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