Friday, August 13, 2010

W8 D6 - Day off

Today was my day off from exercise (and early mornings) to give my body a rest. The kids woke a bit earlier than I liked, but at least I got to sleep in a hour later than the past 3 mornings. Of course I also went to bed an hour later last night! Oh well.

Some bad food choices today (all week in fact) and I feel rather bloated and yuck. Probably mainly due to it being that time of the month. I foolishly weighed myself this morning - back up to 82.5kg, again probably due to the time of the month. I hope. But I do need to get my eating under control at some point!

My medium-long term goal at the moment is to be 70kg by Christmas. A bit over 12 kg in 19 weeks. My first thought was for 17kg (65kg), but nearly a kilo a week might be a bit ambitious. I don't know what my eventual goal is yet. I used to think 55kg, that might be unrealistic but I am not sure. I think 58kg is the top of my "healthy" weight range so I will go for that. Ten years ago, my acupuncturist thought I should weigh 45kg! I would be a skeleton. Asian girls can be skinny. But, depressingly, he thought I was "obese" when I thought I was still a rather sexy shape!

So, my Christmas goal is 12kg out of a total of 24 (.5) to lose. Halfway. I'll get there. And 70kg would be so exciting. I didn't really start to HATE my weight/shape until about 73kg.

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