Thursday, August 26, 2010

W10 D5 - Zumba, or not

I've been too busy to blog for the past week. When I last wrote, I thought I was getting over my cold/flu but I got a bit worse again. Saturday I weirdly swelled up such that I couldn't wear my wedding ring. Sunday I was much better, and did an hour of strenuous gardening which I count as my exercise for that day. I forgot to weigh myself on the weekend, but on Monday I was 82.6kg so no real change there.

I did not go to the gym on Monday, I decided that this was the last year I would get a whole day alone with Aiden (next year he will have 5 days a week at either preschool [3 mornings] or childcare [school hours]) so I took him to Questacon, Canberra's wonderful Science Museum. It is all interactive with animatronic dinosaurs and Mini Q for 0-6 year olds and a room showing you how music works and all sorts of great things. We used to have an annual pass, but haven't been for a while since that expired.

Tuesday I got up at the crack of dawn (it was actually almost sunrise! Yay for almost Spring) and did BodyPump. I wasn't late, but I was last in the room and all the lightest weights were gone! No-one else uses the lightest weights by themselves, but they add and subtract for different exercises. I had to grab the second-lightest weights. Only half a kilo (about a pound) heavier - but remember I had only just gone up to the lightest weights from nothing but the bar! And I felt it! It was good though. I really felt like I was working, but without hurting my shoulders. I think I will have to continue with the new weights. My thighs were sore the next day, from the squats and lunges with the extra weight.

I had a restless night, waking often checking what time it was and telling myself I still had 3 hours (or whatever) before the alarm went off. By the time it did, I was exhausted. I turned it off and went back to sleep. Very bad precedent. But I don't really regret it. I had felt wiped out when I went to bed at 9.30 , and I still felt wiped out when I finally got up at 7.30.

Today, I didn't get up early because I planned to go to Zumba tonight at 7.15pm. My husband usually gets home at 7.00, which would allow me to make it if I was dressed and ready to run out the door. But there was a bad combination of circumstances - he was about 10 mins late (too late), and I was still frantically working on an editing job that was due back and I didn't get finished until about another 10 mins after that (much too late). Oh well, maybe next week.

Friday is supposed to be my usual day off, but I have just had 2 days off so I will go to the gym after I have dropped the kids off, before I start work. That eats into my work time, but I really need to put some priority on exercising. After the gym, I plan to take my laptop out to another new place (Koko Black, a chocolate shop that Tim has bought me things from but I have never actually gone in and sat with a hot chocolate) and then meet Tim for lunch, and then come home to finish whatever various kinds of work I have for the day. I have an editing job already lined up, about 3 hours worth, and I have to write up an article for the Editing Society's newsletter, and read some fiction for a competition I am judging... plenty to do.

Oh... diet... bad. 5 days until Spring, my plan is to start working on my eating habits then.

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