Wednesday, August 11, 2010

W8 D5 - Stumbling out of bed

It was really really hard to get up at 5.45am this morning. I slept much better, only waking a couple of times (which is probably normal, everyone wakes a few times during the night but usually doesn't remember it), so I was actually asleep when the alarm went off. I got up to pee but it was a huge mental effort not to crawl back into my warm bed. I told myself I couldn't get slack (in the first week back!) and lose momentum, and that I had tomorrow off and could sleep in until 7.30 then. I wavered a bit but with sheer willpower (don't say it doesn't exist!) I got into my gym gear and out the door.

It wasn't raining, maybe just a light sprinkle, and wonder of wonders I could see a lighter area low on the eastern horizon - evidence of the sun waiting to rise! Winter is nearly over.

Today I put more weight on my bar for BodyPump. That is, I put SOME weight on my bar! 1kg on each end. It was certainly managable, probably not too long until I can increase that a bit, always being careful of my shoulders. I still had no weight on the bar for the 2 tracks where you lie down, that hurt my r. shoulder at one point even with just the empty bar. And I didn't do push ups or the other floor-work (abs) at the end, hurts the neck and shoulders too much. But I did a lot, and certainly more than Tuesday, just 2 days ago!, so I feel quite good about it.

I was starving hungry when I got home, I would have made poached eggs but the pan I use was dirty and I could be bothered taking the time to wash it so I just had toast.

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