Saturday, August 14, 2010

W8 D7 - Party time

I didn't go to the gym today but I did go for a brisk walk with my husband, up to the bike shop to pick up his bike. He forgot to take his helmet so he couldn't ride it back, so we briskly walked back together. His bike was in the shop because about 6 months ago he came off it, at speed, on a slippery wet bike path on the way to work and broke his shoulder blade. A few cyclists rode past him, as he lay there in the rain, but no-one stopped so he called me on his mobile. I threw the kids in the car and drove over there. I had to take his bike apart so I could fit it in the boot and get Tim to the hospital emergency room. I knew nothing about the intricacies of taking a bicycle apart, and ended up getting both wheels off but probably leaving a couple of small parts behind. Anyway, he is all healed up now but his bike was not in the best condition after my ministrations so he put it in for a service and picked it up today. He can't actually ride it yet until he replaces his helmet, and needs to also get some riding gear. His previous compression pants were ripped apart by the gravel, and then cut off by the nurse.

My mum is visiting this weekend, so she is babysitting tonight while Tim and I go to a party. Yay parties! It is a friends birthday - she says she is turning 21 again.... It is a cocktail party, apparently inspired by my own party 6 weeks ago.

I also went to a party of sorts last night. My speculative fiction writing guild has had lots of nominations for Ditmar (SF) awards in various categories so we were celebrating. The website I review books for got a nomination, so I guess that counts as me! The party itself was pretty lame, it was basically like a regular meeting without the structure and we all took a plate of food or some (atrocious) wine. And I was on time and spent 10 minutes waiting in the winter cold and dark outside the hall waiting for someone with keys to turn up, wondering if I was in the right place. It turned out ok, but I hope tonight's birthday party is a lot more fun.

Back to the gym tomorrow.

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