Thursday, August 19, 2010

W9 D5 - mostly better

I was feeling horrible for 2 days, much better today. I still have a runny nose but no longer feel like my head is full of snot, and my sore throat and headache have gone away. I will continue to rest myself tomorrow, then back into exercise on Saturday.

I do seem to get sick whenever I throw myself into exercise. Ease into it then, you say? But when I exercise more gently/less often I don't seem to get any results (I suppose it is good for me anyway - better than nothing) and I have to ramp it up sometime! But when I do, I get sick. Or maybe it's only when I exercise hard, then take a break. Hmm, happened after my birthday, then this week. Work hard, take 2 days off in a row, and bam. Frustrating. Hopefully, if I keep trying, I will eventually get fit enough to get past this. Of course I probably get sick just as often even when I don't exercise. I have 2 kids to pick up every germ going around.

I felt very productive today. No paid work, but lots of stuff from my list of things to do.

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