Sunday, February 6, 2011

W33 D1 - 82.2kg

I seem to have somehow dropped that extra kilo and a half in a few days. Yay!

I am doing a bit better with food and still walking every single morning, even in the rain.

I am getting inspired by Australian Biggest Loser Families, which started this week. There are four families: red and blue teams with the original trainers Michelle and Shannon; a black team with the Commando who has had guest spots in previous years dragging contestants out of their beds at 4am for brutal boot camps and the like - he has his own team this year; and a white team with newcomer Tiffany who is all about martial arts and who used to be "Angel" on Gladiator. I love watching!

My shoulder was a bit extra sore for a day after getting my cortisone injection on Thursday, but has since been much better. It doesn't heal the tear, but it reduces the inflammation and therefore the pain. I have been much happier and sleeping much better. A knock on the shoulder still has me crouched on the floor weeping. But getting better!

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