Friday, February 11, 2011

W33 D7 - Hills and valleys

This morning, instead of doing my usual half-hour walk, I did a short warm-up walk around the block then tackled a hill. There is a path leading from out street down to the next one, and it is not long but quite steep. I walked up and down it 10 times. I nearly quit at the end of the first one, not because it was hard (first lap was easy) but because there was a man standing at the top of the path with his dog, politely waiting for me to pass so he could walk down, and I felt a bit silly just tapping the railing and turning around to go down again. But I pushed down my feeling of foolishness - what is wrong with being seen exercising! - and did it, and he politely asked whether up or down was harder when I passed him on my way back up again soon after. I said up, and he thought down was harder because of sore knees. That was all we had time for as we crossed, but I was glad I had my 40 year old knees not his 70 year old ones!

Laps 2 and 3 were harder, I started to breathe heavily and sweat, but after that it was much the same until the last couple. Laps 9 and 10 were just boring, and also my calves were getting a bit tired. I got home after a little more than half an hour, but rather more strenuous exercise than usual. And it didn't hurt my shoulder.

I didn't think I had gone that hard, but a couple of hours later my calf muscles started to stiffen up and now they are quite sore so I must have done some good work.

The day took a bit of a downhill turn when we were heading home after the kids swimming lesson (usually I go in the pool with Aiden, but today I was feeling exhausted - more evidence of good work this morning - so I took Tim's job and watched Jasmine instead, she doesn't need anyone other than the instructor in with her). I was tired and hungry and really wanted Kingsley (a local version of KFC) but my husband said no. I know he was just trying to help my weight loss efforts, and keep himself and the kids healthy too, but I wanted it! I really resented that he was being the boss of me. I felt very cross and even had to fight back tears. We didn't argue in front of the kids, but I was feeling a bit bad tempered. When we got home, I had about 700 calories worth of toasted cheese sandwiches and felt full but not satisfied. I wanted that salty fatty fried chicken and chips. Still do, really, even though it is now after dinner.

I'm still a bit torn about this incident, my husband is not the diet police - but on the other hand it wasn't just me that would be eating it so he gets a say. And I shouldn't have that junk - but it isn't every day and I ended up eating a lot of not-much-better without satisfying my craving.

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  1. Mmmm... I miss Kingsley's Chicken. And those crinkle chips! One of the only places I have ever known to produce crinkle chips in their takeaway.

    I'm sorry to read that you felt upset at your husband vetoing the chicken. But, you already acknowledged that he was trying to help you and also he didn't want to eat it.

    Try to remember a real craving only lasts 10-15min. It's short, intense, and specific. It may feel like you are going to gnaw your own arm off if you don't get the food you are craving, but really, you are not hungry. If you were truly hungry, any food you ate, like the jaffles, would have been good enough and satisfied the hunger.

    I have to remind myself of this every time I have a sudden intense craving like that. I have to work hard to convince myself to wait it out, try to distract myself with something else, sudoku, or whatever. And then I find if I still want food, then I will eat.

    Probably one of the harder things I have to tackle in trying to change my eating habits.