Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A bit sick again


Unfortunately I started feeling sick on Tuesday night and have been lounging around feeling wretched since then. I don't expect to go to the gym tomorrow either, although I am much better this evening and should be able to get some work done tomorrow. Oh well, life has its ups and downs. I had a nap yesterday and then still slept for ten hours last night, which was lovely in a way. Uncomfortable dreams, though, the past two nights while I wasn't well.

Once, not so long ago, having three days off exercise would have been a major derailment of my fitness regime. I am confident now, though, that I will get right back into it as soon as I am well enough. I expect to start on Saturday with a long but gentle walk on the treadmill while the kids have their swimming lesson, then I'll go from there.

A blogger I follow has just had skin-reduction surgery, which is gross but fascinating. I don't expect to need it as I only have a total of 25 kg (50 pounds or so) to lose, but people who have had huge weight loss sometimes end up with a lot of loose skin, especially if they are older when they lose the weight. I'm glad I won't have to go through that.

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