Wednesday, November 9, 2011



On Monday I increased some of my weights at BodyPump (I had already increased for other tracks over the past few weeks) and rated how I felt during each track -- all either hard or f*ing hard. But manageable. So that was good.

Tuesday I didn't have the car so couldn't go to Zumba but I had to walk the kids to and from school and childcare which totaled an hour. I was way more exhausted than I should have been from two half-hour walks (half of each at child-speed!), but it was extremely humid. I hate humidity. It isn't usually too bad here in Canberra -- inland and up a (little) mountain -- but we have had both hot weather and storms which is a humid combination. It just seems to sap all my strength.

Wednesday was BodyPump again, I was really struggling. Despite air conditioning, it was hot and humid in the gym. The instructor's microphone wasn't working so she had to shout and it was hard to hear what move was coming up. I did the first couple of tracks at my new weight then dropped back to the old weights. I was even toying with the idea of leaving early even though Pump is my favourite, but pushed on. The tricep track was extra-difficult because I was lying down and couldn't see the instructor. I would be straining to hear, doing the moves and suddenly realize we were supposed to be doing something else so I'd quickly change -- although I didn't feel any pain then I may have jerked my shoulder with a sudden switch.

Anyway, next was biceps. I picked up my very light weight and lifted -- ow. Tried again, carefully -- ow. Not my left shoulder, with the healing rotator cuff tear, but my right. I have ten years of history with my right shoulder, but not this sharp pain. I did about four lifts, then stopped. No way I was going to risk tearing this one -- or making it worse if I already had.

I put away my stuff and had a shower. I was still getting sharp (mild) pain when I moved my arm. I went to reception and asked to report an injury. They seemed a bit surprised and I have no idea if anyone else has ever reported an injury in a gym, but they filled out a form for me and gave me an ice pack. They were very nice about it, and rang down to the creche to say I would be a little late picking up Aiden. I had no intention of sueing the gym, but after having lots of time off work with RSI years ago, and years of hassles with lawyers and Comcare, I just wanted a paper trail if I needed it.

It seems fine now, thank Gods. I think it was a false alarm. But I am not ashamed of being concerned.

Thursday, today, was my baby's 5th birthday. He had presents this morning and french toast with raspberries for breakfast, then went to preschool -- I made a triple batch of cupcakes yesterday for him to take and share. I worked all day (no gym today after yesterday's scare and also project due tomorrow) then walked to pick the kids up, yummy afternoon tea and special dinner of his choice (lasagne). He is having a party on Sunday.

I am about to go for a short walk now, with the kid pick-up that will add up to a decent amount of body movement. I will probably need to get a bit more work done tonight. No time to edit this, so I hope there are no typos.

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