Thursday, November 10, 2016

Birthday boy


It is Aiden's tenth birthday today! Happy birthday dearest. He'll always be my baby.

His proper party (or parties; a kids' party and a family dinner) are on the weekend but I had some snacks for when he got home from school. And I indulged. And felt like rubbish afterwards. Eventually I'll learn the lesson.

The excavator and bobcat finished up today, leaving a bit of a mess but also an exciting big hole in the ground.

Next week they reinforce it with steel poles, the week after they pour the concrete. No chance it will be ready by Christmas.


  1. Happy birthday to your son! Our kids will always be our babies no matter how old they get :)

  2. How exciting!
    Meanwhile, I wish my baby would get his iPhone fixed so I could talk to him again (age 18, away at first year of university)