Monday, November 21, 2016

Drowning in pool organisation


I seem to have a constant stream of tradesmen here for the pool (three different ones today for various things, including an inspector from the council to look at the framework), the idea that we ever could have had it done by Christmas is ludicrous! We'll be lucky to have it by the end of summer at this rate. Well, end of January I'm hoping, but they take a break from 22 Dec until 16 Jan so who knows. Excellent marketing, Mirage pools, promise everything but no guarantees! They need to give their salesman a raise.

I missed my book club again this month. The pool site manager seems to like coming to talk to me at lunchtime on a Tuesday, and turns up just enough late that I run out of time. Most of the time of course the tradesmen don't need me here at all, but sometimes they do need to ask me questions so I only go out when I have to and then do my errands as quickly as possible, just in case. I'm probably a bit over-diligent about it, after all they must have lots of jobs where all the family is out all day. They'd just call them or meet up on the weekends I suppose. Today I had to sign things.

I still need to organise fences and paving and coping (edging)...

Sorry to go on about the pool build so much. It has kind of taken over my life.

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