Tuesday, June 27, 2017



Today I saw the dietician - you know, the one I get a couple of free sessions with because I'm so fat?! Well, she was very nice, we chatted about what I eat etc. We've decided to start with my snacking habits as I tend to eat "real" food at meal times but then pig out on junk in the afternoons and evenings. Next session we will look at portion sizes and other stuff. In general terms probably less meat and more vegetables.

Basically I am allowed to have snacks, but I have to keep them small and go for, say, a small portion of nuts instead of a bag of chips. Fruit or a small amount of dark chocolate if I want something sweet. I've got a list of suggestions. I will be keeping a food diary and seeing her in three weeks.

It's been a week since I saw the exercise physiologist. I've done my hip stretches twice - could do better there - plenty of walking so that is good, no dance yet. Need to work on that. I'd planned to walk to my session today but it's cold and raining so I drove. I'll have to do something else (dance?). I'm trying to do some kind of exercise every day. The days I have done lots of walking I've also done extra eating!

After my session it was lunchtime and I was craving KFC! Crazy I know. I'd just been talking about improving my diet. Probably that was why, a sort of deprivation panic. But I haven't even liked KFC the past 20 times I've had it. Keep trying anyway. Idiot. Anyway, I didn't have it today - because my dietician's office overlooked the carpark and I was worried she would be able to see me go through the drive-through opposite! So the visit did me some good already.

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