Tuesday, June 20, 2017



I saw the exercise physiologist today. We had a good chat about my current limitations (shoulders and hips) and she gave me some stretches/strengthening for those as well as talking about reintroducing cardio into my life. She wants me to start dance again (on the Xbox at home) because it is cardio with a wide variety of movements, whereas a lot of cardio is very repetitive and doesn't use the whole body. She gave me a little fitness test so we can compare next time (in a month). With that, and going through the hip stretches and free weight lifting, and walking there and back I really feel like got my exercise in today! Actually my hips feel quite tired.

She had an interesting suggestion, that the hip pain could be a hang-over from the pelvic problems, after two years of pelvic pain before it was resolved the muscles could be overtensed and sensitive from trying to protect me. In which case the stretches should help quite quickly. I will be very happy if it's not arthritis!

One thing I struggle with is her wanting me to start slow, even though I understand it is better for my unfit body and much more realistic that I will actually do it. But there is part of me that says it is not enough! That a little bit isn't worth doing and won't make any difference. But I have to trust the process. And actually do the exercises!

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