Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Last exam


I had my last exam for the semester this morning, I was well prepared and I expect high marks. I now get a three and a half week break before next semester, except I have to go all the way into the city again tomorrow to get my timetable for next semester which is a bit of a bugger. There is a special compulsory session for it. I did knock on the head teacher's door today just in case, to save myself a trip of over an hour each way, but she wasn't there. Oh well, my schedule is a bit complicated due to my part-time-ed-ness. I'll probably end up doing some of the second semester classes along with the ones I missed from first semester, with the new intake of students.

Anyhoo, while I was there today another student remembered what part of Sydney I'm from (the TAFE is right in the city so we come from all over) and mentioned there are jobs going at the public libraries here, one full time and one part time. Or possibly more than one of each, I suppose, they could be interviewing for a few. I hadn't been looking for work yet, being only a third of the way through the course, but this is too good to miss, being local and part time. It is an entry level position (library assistant, shelving books and helping customers) so I will eventually be overqualified but it would be a great foot in the door and a way to get experience. The job description specifically says that "working towards" qualification is fine. If I get it I will have to drop back my studies even more and take longer to finish but I think it would be worth it. I mean, the whole point is to get a job eventually. Of course there is no guarantee I will get it!

The application requires two referees which is tricky. Since I left full time work 15 years ago I've raised children, written a book, earned a degree and half another qualification, and set up my own business as a freelance editor. None of which give me a "supervisor". Luckily I did do a short editing stint for a government department and I should still be able to contact my supervisor from that, she was also the president of the local editing society which I was active in so I think she would remember me. That was four years ago. The only other referee I can think of is getting one of my current teachers to do it! I think that will be ok. I just have to give a phone number (obviously with their permission) they don't have to write a report.

Hmm, I need interview/work clothes! What do aspiring librarians wear? Glasses obviously. Cardigans? Flat heels thank goodness. Beige twin set with pearls....


  1. Good luck! I'm very impressed at how quickly your plan seems to have come together Blods x

    1. Thanks Blods, life sometimes does seem to work out nicely - of course I haven't got the job yet!