Thursday, November 23, 2017



I’m on antibiotics now, hopefully I’ll be able to kick this throat and sinus infection. I’m not deathly ill by any means but I don’t feel great. I’m sure would teachers would have allowed me to delay exams and assignments, this is the last official week of term (and the year) but I know some people have arranged to get extensions to next week. But I’ve been sick for three weeks now and have no idea if I’ll feel any better next week, I decided to just get it over with. One more day.

I had two in-class exams today. Cataloguing in the morning, a couple of little things I wasn’t sure of but mostly good, and Reasearch and Analyse (researching information for clients) which was short answer questions, hand-written not on screen, for two hours. How retro! Our teacher says reading them all on screen hurts her eyes so we have to write. It was fine. I’m a bit less confident about tomorrow’s as I finished one subject six weeks ago and haven’t really refreshed my memory yet. There’s still time!

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