Friday, November 24, 2017

Last one


I had my last assessments for the year this morning, a short-answer online exam and then the teacher called and asked a few questions for two subjects. It wasn’t really a role-play like I was expecting, she just said “what would you do if” and “what can you tell me about”. All fine. And then I was all finished for the next two months. I enjoy my studies, but it’s nice being free!

I won’t have a lot of leisure time for the next few days though. Luckily I think the antibiotics are working, I’m feeling a lot better today.

I spend most of the afternoon doing a mammoth shop for our pool party on the weekend. So much food! We’re doing a BBQ. I hope everyone who said they will come, does. Should be lots of fun.

It was hot today so when the kids got home from school we went in the pool. I shouldn’t have waited for them though, the weather turned very soon after and we didn’t stay in long. I managed a bit of gardening under a grey sky. Hailstorms west of us, though they didn’t make it here. It should clear again for the weekend.

And after that I guess I start planning for Christmas!

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