Wednesday, July 25, 2018



The Duromine is definitely working again. Reduced appetite, increased energy, dry mouth, slight nausea. I lost the holiday weight after only two days of eating less, so I guess it was mostly water! I certainly peed a lot. I did notice while we were away that my hands were puffy and my wedding ring was no longer loose like it has been for a while, back to normal now. And my face looks better, not grey and droopy. I think my body and face were trying to tell me not to eat so much.

I saw the dentist today to have two fillings of little cavities he found last check up, before the holidays. I was really worried about one as it was on the back of my back tooth and I have a strong gag reflex! I suggested that he let me sit in a more upright position as it's often the water filling my throat that is a problem, it was more difficult for him but it paid off. I only gagged twice. Win! Spent the next few hours with my face half numb worried I was drooling.

My garden thinks it is spring already. (To be fair, camellias flower in winter.)

It's going to look amazing when it really is spring!

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