Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Belated weigh-in and busy busy


On Monday my weight was 78.5 kg, up a whole kg from the week before. It went up for my ToM but it hasn't come down again. Bummer. Maybe something to do with all the festive snacking.

That afternoon I did an hour of Just Dance 3, in competition with my husband. It's even more fun dancing with someone than alone.

Then two days of no exercise. I blame spending all day Christmas shopping both days, then stuff like taking Aiden to gymnastics and having people over for supper. I still should have fit in exercise, but I didn't.

Today I got a lot done, including half an hour gardening (the area around the new outdoor furniture now looks really nice, with miniature fruit trees in pots) then half an hour dance (no new 5 stars, damnit), reading and reviewing two short stories, emptying and cleaning 4 kitchen drawers, finding and copying baby photos to take to a party, sorting through both children's end-of-year schoolwork that they brought home and deciding which things to keep for their memory boxes, and calling a tradesman to ask why he didn't show up a week ago or contact me. That was nearly everything on my list!

Only a few days until Christmas. I feel like we have everything under control. Tim is out buying a very last present, the house is half-clean, and the food shopping list is prepared. Bring it on.

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