Monday, December 3, 2012

Super powers and muffin top


Haven't done a lot of official exercise lately. I had a sore leg on the weekend and had to ice and rest it. Yesterday was another shopping day -- got Christmas presents for my husband, then picked up the kids from school to buy them new shoes and they chose presents for daddy. Lots of walking around, but nothing strenuous. I plan to fit something in today, somehow.

I found that I have a super power -- low-light vision. I already knew I could block off my nostrils without touching my nose, I just use nose-muscles to clamp the nostrils shut. Like a camel. Only more inside, where you can't see it, so possibly a bit less useful in a sandstorm. It sounds like you have a cold when you talk. I had assumed everyone could do this, to avoid nasty smells, but apparently not. My husband can't. Our daughter can, though, so maybe it's genetic. Like wiggling ears or rolling your tongue.

I've often noticed that I can see in the dark much better than Tim, especially when going from a light room to a dark one or just after turning off the light. He is essentially blind for at least 30 seconds, whereas I take maybe 1 second to adjust. The other night when walking into a dark room I realised I not only widen my eyes, I actually consciously dilate my pupils. It is hard to demonstrate in the light but I was able to do it to show Tim and he said you can really see it. Can anyone else do this? I still can't see in complete darkness, but I adjust much quicker in low light.

It's kind of cool to have control of at least some of me. 'Cause other bits not so much.

I squeezed into freshly-washed jeans last night and was horrified at the enormous muffin top that exploded over the top. I haven't put on any weight, I guess they are always challenging when they shrink and it was after dinner too. But it looked awful, and I ended up putting on my larger size pair, which was disheartening. Then I went to the movies and ate popcorn and malteasers.

I really should be working right now, or exercising, or housework, so ...

photo by Zen cupcake

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