Thursday, December 6, 2012



I'm staring at the blank screen trying to remember what I did yesterday. Nope, nothing. I mean, I did some editing work, but surely I did other stuff as well? Can't remember. I watered the garden. Well, the pots with the new dwarf fruit trees. And I ... hmm.

Ok, today I did more editing work. And cleaned the house. And had a friend over to morning tea. And went for a long walk and it was too hot and I think I rubbed the skin off the balls of my sweaty feet and it hurts to walk now. And reviewed four short stories submitted for a magazine I slush read for.

As I walked and wilted and eventually hobbled, I decided that it is definitely time to move the exercise indoors. I said this the other day but then we had a cold spell and it had only just warmed up again today. It wasn't even that hot, really, but too hot for me.

I'm trying desperately to think of something witty and/or interesting to say, but I still got nothing. So goodnight.

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