Monday, August 4, 2014

My, what big teeth you have


Today on my walk with Thor we saw the most enormous Rottweiler. Seriously, it looked like it should have been sitting on a trapdoor at Hogwarts guarding the philosopher's stone. The guy walking it also had a little whippet - or maybe it was a full size greyhound and just looked small beside the Rottweiler. (My computer keeps capitalising that, but why? It doesn't capitalise poodle. Or spaniel. Maybe they are so big and scary they command a capital letter!)

So I'm not particularly scared of any kind of dog but it was really straining at the leash to investigate my terrified little puppy. The owner very nicely gave us a wide berth, practically going onto the road to give us all the footpath and the grassy median strip. So that was lovely of him. But it made me wonder why he gave us several metres of space. Was it just politeness, or necessity?

We had a long walk today, nearly an hour, to make up for not going out it the morning. It was still below freezing when the kids left for school so I decided a hot cup of tea sounded more fun than a walk. I was pretty tired after the afternoon stroll, Thor still keeps me going at a brisk pace. But I felt like I'd had a bit of a work out, even if it was only walking.

I don't think I'll talk about cranky tiredness or food choices today.


  1. I think when you have new dogs like that, it's always necessity because you don't know how they're going to react to one another. :)

  2. Love the workouts you and Thor are getting. Good for you both.

  3. Walking is fabulous exercise! I get nervous around big dogs. I think it's the idea that they could rip me to shreds if they wanted... most don't, of course-- but wow, some look like killers!!! Your last line reminds me--we write about what we want to write about, when we feel compelled-- I enjoy what you write.