Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sugar and gluten


Thanks for the kind suggestions about cutting out sugar (and gluten), I know that works for a lot of people, however I have tried giving up sugar, gluten, soy, dairy and alcohol and it didn't help me at all. I don't think I am sensitive to any of those things. But I do think my slide back into less-healthy food has made existing problems worse so I need to work on reducing the junky processed stuff. It's just that horrible cycle that when I'm tired and run down I want to turn to easy processed food (full of sugar, fat, carbs and salt - none of which I think are necessarily evil but they are in that quantity and that highly processed), but processed food makes me feel worse so I want to use food as a crutch even more...

My food was pretty good today (dark chocolate still counts as good, right?) and got out for a walk with Thor so here's hoping for a better night sleep tonight.


  1. That's fantastic, Natalie! You know yourself better than anyone! And this is what this is all about--finding what works for you!! Dark chocolate is wonderful. To me--there are no "bad" foods, really. I mean--sure, highly processed things are not necessarily good-- But I hesitate to villianize any particular food, ever. If we can find a comfortable balance in moderation-- we're very fortunate.
    For me, I know myself--and I know I can't do sugar ever again. It was a slightly sad thing---until I experienced life without---and I wouldn't trade it for anything. But again--that's what works for me.
    If you can keep it a part of your choices, in moderation--that's excellent!!!
    You're doing so incredibly well, Natalie. Stay positive--keep writing---and never give up--- What you're doing is monumental for your future!! ;)

  2. Sugar is bad for everyone. Sometimes it takes a couple of weeks of strict no sugar or sugar by products at all to realize it. If you are eating grains and fruit you are still getting sugar. You can't detox and see how much better you will feel, absolutely feel, until you completely detox for a minimum of a week. But it has to be a full week, or the bio-chemical changes in your brain that even a small amount of grains or sugar actually causes...keeps the cravings alive.

    Good luck, whatever path you take!