Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tummy bug


I don't know what it was that I ate yesterday that left me curled up, nauseous and limp, all last night (if it wasn't a virus).  Actual food poisoning from the healthy oven baked chicken breast lunch that turned out to be not cooked all the way through? Body rebellion from half a packet of biscuits in the afternoon, which I binged on after being hungry from not eating all my chicken? Stomach distress from the evening casserole which turned out to be way fattier than usual, even though I took off all the solid fat and spooned off all the liquid fat I could find (it's not usually that fatty at all, was it a particularly obese pig?). A combination of all three? Who knows? But I passed an unpleasant night and I'm not feeling at my best today.

[later: my husband isn't feeling great either, maybe a virus]

I've started to call this day of the week "crazy Tuesday". Jasmine has both trumpet lessons and cooking class at lunchtime at school. Have to remember to take trumpet and music books etc. After school we have a regular playdate with a family we love. Then we rush off to Jasmine's dance class. Then back, quick dinner, kids in bed early, and it's Dungeons and Dragons games night.

In addition, today Aiden had two doctor appointments so I didn't get him to school until nearly lunchtime. The upshot of the consultations is that he needs to drink a lot more fluid than he is currently doing. The specialist gave me guidelines which included a lot of juice boxes and flavoured milk for variety which I feel isn't very healthy but I guess encouraging him to drink is the important thing at the moment. He gets a gummy bear if he has three drinks before school! And a new Lego set every Saturday if he follows the guidelines. I'll be doing it along with him (my poor little man), the doctor was rather horrified when I admitted my low level of fluid intake. I guess it runs in the family. I really struggle with it, always have. My usual intake is probably two cups of tea and one or two cups of water with a squeeze of lemon. Not enough.

Thor had to make do with just a walk up to the school this afternoon, I didn't have the energy for anything else. After shuttling Aiden around all morning, I spent part of the afternoon in a nap. Then back into the swing of crazy Tuesday.

Night all. I'm sure I'll have more energy tomorrow.

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