Thursday, July 31, 2014

Revisting sleep apnoea


Basically all the weight I've lost over the past ten weeks was in the first four. Is it time for a new strategy?

The original Beck diet book suggests having a back up diet plan for if your first one doesn't work out. My current plan is just counting calories (following the CSIRO general guidelines which are relatively high protein, medium carb, low fat) but I haven't been sticking to it very well lately. My back up plan was to rejoin Weight Watchers so I am considering doing that. I was a member for about six months over two years ago with limited success - but a big part of the problem with it was that my group was very small and all elderly ladies (lovely people but not at the same stage of life as me) and it closed due to lack of numbers in that timeslot. If I could find a better group then that might fulfil a need for group support and accountability. I've looked at local times and I have two options, Wednesday lunchtime, which is convenient but might have the same issue of a small non-employed demographic, or Saturday 8am which is earlier than I like. All the others are times I can't go to due to various early-evening commitments, mainly kid sports.

My main hesitation is that I'm not sure it would help at the moment. I think my current lack of motivation is due to constant tiredness, and until I get that under control paying WW lots of money isn't going to do anything for me.

So what I am going to do is for the next week or so I'll make sure I wear my CPAP all night (I wear it every night, but sometimes it annoys me and I take it off in the early hours of the morning). When I'm sure it's loaded up with readings of what is going on, I'll take it to the sleep lab for analysis. They'll be able to tell me if I'm apnoea-ing even with the CPAP. Maybe I need the settings changed or something. Once I have that information, I'll be able to go forward from there. I shouldn't be this tired all the time, struggling with constant headaches, falling asleep during the day sitting up, wanting to eat to revive flagging energy, difficulty coping with minor problems. I should have followed this up a while ago but that is the problem with being too tired to get things done!


  1. I suffer a lot of similar symptoms when I am eating sugar and gluten. Once I clean up my diet and remove those two Inge, within 3 days that constant dragging your ass feeling lifts. I used to always be tired, no matter how much sleep I got, it wasn't until I gave up sugar that it discovered I'm not tired really, it's sugar making me feel that way. I still eat fruit and that doesn't seem to affect me, perhaps experiment and cut the sugar out completely for a week or two and notice the difference.

  2. Natalie,
    I must agree with CL. It might be worth a good try to go sugar free for a while and see if you experience the same clarity and peace CL and I have experienced. Unless you absolutely want the structure of a particular plan--I highly recommend doing the Natalie Plan! I totally believe in you, Natalie...You believe in you too!! I get it though-- it's sometimes ten times easier to believe in a program or book--or someone else's advice than it is believing in ourselves, but Natalie--I'm suggesting it's in you. You're incredibly smart, capable, creative and talented--all things I've deduced by simply reading your blog...You've got all the tools you need to do what you desire. You always have my readership and support here. Take care.

  3. Thanks CL & Sean. I did try cutting out sugar and gluten as well as soy, dairy and alcohol but it didn't seem to help. However I do totally agree that healthy food vs unhealthy food makes a big difference to how you feel. I need to clean up my choices a lot.