Thursday, July 17, 2014

Weigh in Thursday


Weigh in nine, so I've been doing this for eight weeks now.

Starting weight:  85.3 kg
Last week: 82.1
This week: 81.8
Loss: 0.3 kg
Total loss: 3.5 kg

Another small loss this week. I'm really struggling with school holidays. Only a few days to go before I can get back to my routine! A loss is a loss, even a small one. But I'm still not back to my lowest weight of a few weeks ago.

We went out to dinner tonight at an Italian place that was inexplicably where we thought a different Italian place was supposed to be. I had fettuccine with prawns, and shared a dessert with Jasmine. We had our carpets cleaned this afternoon and the guy arrived an hour late. By the time he'd finished it was nearly dinner time and our kitchen was full of all the furniture we'd pulled off the carpet, so going out seemed a good idea.

Oh, and clean carpet vs puppy? 10 minutes, puppy emerged triumphant. Despite being taken outside twice. Sigh. We'll get it cleaned again in Spring. Maybe it will last a bit longer next time.


  1. You're headed in a wonderful direction, Natalie! Keep your head up, my friend! Perhaps Thor was under the impression the carpet guy was cleaning it specifically for him and his business! :)

  2. Still moving int he right direction, way to go Natalie!