Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thursday weigh in - now with added pizza!


Ten weeks.

Starting weight: 85.3 kg
Last week: 81.2
This week: 81.3
Gain: 0.1 kg
Total loss: 4 kg

I gained 0.1 kg this week. I had pizza last night, which would have added some salty water weight, but my weight has actually been pretty stable all week.

Wednesday nights I need to prepare a quick dinner because of karate lessons. I usually get steak and salad. Last night it suddenly occurred to me I couldn't remember buying steak on my Monday shopping trip - no memory of selecting it and putting it in the trolley or of putting it in the fridge at home. I checked. No steak. So I have no idea what happened. I don't know if I forgot to write it on the shopping list or if I just missed it when I was out. I also didn't have the car, so that is why I ordered pizza to be delivered.

My food has been less controlled this week, hence the lack of weight loss, but at least my exercise is consistent. At least 30 mins of very brisk walking every afternoon. When it warms up a bit, I'll increase the morning walk (currently only 10 mins) to another 30 mins. It's generally quite nice in the middle of the day, but mornings and late afternoon are bitter. Well, for Australia anyway. Tomorrow is going to be one of the coldest days I've probably ever experienced, 7 degrees Celsius (44 F) with a chance of snow. Hey, that is cold for Australia ok?

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