Monday, July 21, 2014

First day of term


First day of term. I got the kids off to school, but the husband was home in bed with a nasty stomach bug. He's usually pretty stoic, but he hates vomiting so much. I suppose we can be thankful that he wasn't like this yesterday, when we were in the middle of visiting and travel.

Actually I had some bad stomach pains throughout yesterday, and the kind of experiences you really don't want to have in someone else's bathroom, but I assumed it was just my body reacting adversely to all the junk food. Now I think it was probably a virus. Not feeling absolutely stellar today, but doing ok. I hope Tim gets better as quickly, and that it is just a 24 hour thing.

I dashed out and did the shopping. A nice healthy trolley. Fresh meat and vegetables and no junk. The sort of trolley where you wouldn't mind if your doctor was walking past and happened to glance in. Not the one where you want to explain to the cashier that you are buying all this for a party on the weekend, honest.

When I'd just got to the shops I realised that in the flurry of getting the kids to school and the worry of going out leaving my husband home alone sick I had not only not put on any make-up (I don't wear much, but always mascara because I have invisible blonde eyelashes otherwise) but I hadn't brushed my hair or my teeth! Slightly embarrassing. Luckily I didn't see anyone I know.

I didn't get any writing done, which is a shame after all my brainstorming yesterday, but I did go for two walks with Thor and did the grocery shopping and made a very healthy stir fry for my lunch and caught up on some slush pile reading (I help a magazine decide which stories get printed in it, the "slush pile" is unsolicited manuscripts sent in). And I finally sent in the form to book Thor in to puppy school. It starts in two weeks, on Sunday mornings. During the walks with him today he was much more attentive when it was just the two of us, but of course as soon as the kids were there or we were walking past strangers he got overexcited and nearly pulled my arm off. It's much more pleasant when he is walking nicely by my side.

I've stuck to my food plan for the day except I added yoghurt to my morning fruit because I found some lovely strawberries when shopping - and I adore strawberries and plain Greek yoghurt together!

I've now got the kids to bed and Thor put himself to bed so I'm going to play my computer game for an hour before I go too.


  1. My kids go back today (pupil free day yesterday) and Uni went back yesterday so I have so much planned to do that the thought of staying in bed seems like a more viable option today. Good luck with getting stuff done today :)

  2. My kids are out for another 6 weeks. Eeek! I'm sorry about that stomach bug, and I hope you all are feeling better now!

  3. I smile when I read about moms sending their kids back to school -- those days are gone for me. My kids are now 28 - 39. Oh, the memories, I was a mom who loved spring break, and summer holidays...loved having the kids around more. Was sad when they had to go back to school. I say...those days pass. Enjoy every moment of those kids. Some day you will be empty nest. -- not that that is bad either.