Sunday, July 27, 2014



Very quiet weekend. Apart from a family walk with Thor this afternoon I didn't leave home. Tim took the kids to their swimming lesson yesterday and for a bike ride today, but mostly we were all here. I spent the time watching the Commonwealth Games on TV, playing computer games, reading, and napping on the lounge with a puppy draped over me.

I've really been struggling all week with tiredness. I spend the right number of hours in bed and I seem to be asleep for most of them. I typically have my CPAP on for around six hours then get irritated with it in the early hours of the morning and take it off then sleep another couple of hours without it. Even if those last couple of hours and not very restful, I should be getting a decent amount. If it continues I should probably get my CPAP checked. Or try to keep it on all night. Today I got to sleep in until 9am and I still feel sleep-deprived.

Today we had lovely weather, almost like spring in the middle of the day. Sunny and a little bit warm. Not bad for the middle of winter. Great day for a walk.

I'm afraid I don't have much to say today, thought I should check in anyway. Those of you behind Australia in time, have a great Sunday!

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