Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thursday weigh in


Starting weight: 85.3 kg
Last week: 81.4
This week: 82.3
Gain: 0.9
Total loss: 3.0 kg

Bit of a gain this week, as expected. Some of that is "real" weight that crept up during the week, some is water weight from salty restaurant food yesterday. But either way, it will be gone again soon.

I went to bed last night really content with my decisions. A little holiday from stressing about food was nice, and re-energised me to get back into it. I was full of happy plans to lower my calories back to 1400 and start exercising. After a bad nights' sleep I was rather less excited about it all, I just wanted to crawl back into bed! But determined, regardless.

I think the reason 1400 calories became insufficient was because I wasn't putting enough focus on vegetables, which are bulky and filling (and very healthy) yet low calorie. I don't like vegetables much and it is a real effort for me to include a reasonable amount of them. It is something I have to work on constantly. I do best with something that has the vegetables as part of the main dish, like a stir fry or casserole with lots of flavour on everything, rather than blandly on the side where I can ignore them. I'm sure that with increasing my vegetable and water intake, 1400 will be fine.

I did the grocery shopping in the morning then the gardener came and was very noisy with mowing and trimming shrubs etc. Thor was quite worried and distressed, so I decided to take him out for his first ever walk. We went only a short distance to the nearest park. Everything was so exciting! The smells, the sounds, the smells, more smells! An old man crossing the park. Exciting! Scary! Wonderful! Not sure! Terrified! Love him more than life itself! Please let me abase myself before him!

It was quite exhausting for both of us. He slept on my lap for a while when we got home, I would have fallen asleep too as I often do these days but I was watching a favourite show I'd recorded. Then I did nearly an hour of dancing. As usual, getting started was the hard bit then I enjoyed it. I started to get quite tired sometime after the 30 min mark but I wanted to finish that section.

Calories perfect today, and lots of vegetables. Admittedly pretty much all at dinner time; but I had a salad, then bolognaise with lots of mushrooms and onion in the tomato-based sauce on top of zoodles (noodles made of zucchini strips instead of spaghetti). At least five serves of vegetable in that one meal. I'm really feeling on track, and I'm confident that one day of indulgence hasn't derailed me.

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  1. Excellent!! I'm with you on the veggies thing-- rarely like them. I have few favorites...asparagus I LOVE... But I'm not sure I can say that about any other... Yellow zucchini squash is good... Now fruit--on the other hand...I LOVE a wide variety of fruits!! It fills up with fiber too! What a wonderful day for you!! You're right back where you want to be! I've never tried Zoodles... I might give em a try soon.