Friday, July 25, 2014



Woke exhausted again, not sure why, and was still sitting down to breakfast when the kids had to leave for school so they went without me. Thor wasn't too happy about that. But when I was ready I took him for a good long walk and tracked it with Runkeeper. I was curious about how fast we were going, I knew it was faster than was comfortable for me. In fact today I had a cramp in my left shin nearly the whole time. And it turns out we were going about 5.5 km/ph (3.7 mi/ph). I don't know about you, but for me that is practically jogging! I would have said 5 km/ph was about as fast as I could walk, pushing myself, so it's amazing what a body can do when dragged along by a small dog. And that speed incorporates all the stops before crossing roads, and for Thor to say hello to people, and for me to try to stretch out my sore shin, so it was actually faster in places.

I was pretty tired after half an hour of that. I felt like I'd been in a race.

After lunch I went out and did various shopping errands. My mum gave me some money for my birthday that I haven't spent yet, I bought a book today but not sure what else I will get. I bought lots of healthy groceries. I did have a look at a small tub, individual portion size, of chocolate ice-cream. My husband and son don't like chocolate so usually we get other flavours, and I don't care much for ice-cream anyway compared to other things (especially in winter), but today I just felt like it. I was a bit surprised that such a small tub was 265 calories. Then I realised that it was 265 calories per serving, and that according to the manufacturer that little one-scoop tub had nearly two servings in it! So over 500 calories. Definitely not worth it.

I was out for two hours, and by the time I got home I was dead on my feet. I sat with Thor on my lap and watched some TV but I couldn't let myself go to sleep because we had to walk up to meet the kids at school in about 15 minutes. It was a real struggle to keep my eyes open and my head upright. Thor snoozes with abandon in perfect trust, on his back with all legs splayed out.

So another quick walk then I could sit down and collapse. Until I had to cook dinner. But yay for Friday! No commitments this weekend, except the kids swimming lesson tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to relaxing and family time and virtual farming. I work from home with no official time constraints so I have to be careful not to just do nothing all day, but weekends I turn off the "should be working" soundtrack.

Have a great weekend!

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