Saturday, July 12, 2014

Flip out


I think I've found the reason for my inexplicable blood sugar drop yesterday, and my aching back and leg last night. I woke this morning (after my turn to sleep in! lovely) with a headache and sore throat, and my body feels tired and achy. So I am fighting off a virus and my body is having trouble keeping everything in balance. I don't feel too bad, but it's a good day to sit at home and rest.

Tim and the kids took Thor for his walk without me and are now at a new local attraction "flip out" which is a warehouse with trampolines all over the floor and up the walls, like a giant jumping castle. You can bound from one to the next all over the room and flip off the walls. A lot of their friends have already been. It looks great on the website, and I'm sure they'll have a lot of fun. But I'll stick to playing a computer game, for today.

Little update on the puppy; he always sleeps through the night now, and puts himself to bed in the evening when he gets tired instead of lying on my lap or on the lounge until I put him to bed. He just wanders up to the bathroom and climbs into his "Cosy Clam". He is mostly housetrained, he still probably has one accident a day if we aren't paying attention to him hanging around the back door. He needs to learn to bark or bang on the door like he does when he wants to come in again! We're getting the carpet cleaned this week. He knows how to sit and nearly always does on voice command, he also knows what "outside" means. He is still getting used to being on the lead and pulls the whole time which is tiring for us and makes him wheeze horribly, I'll start proper training in a week when the kids are back at school and I have his whole attention. He is a lovely, cuddly little dog.

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  1. Sometimes a good rest day is exactly what we need!! That "Flip Out" place sounds wonderfully fun for kids of all ages! It sounds as if Thor is perfectly trainable and you're a good trainer! He's adorable. Wishing you better rest and less headaches. Take good care, Natalie. My best-Sean