Sunday, July 20, 2014

Landing on donuts


These past two weeks I feel like I've been slowly slipping away from my diet, and this weekend I went right over the edge of the cliff and landed on a pile of donuts. We went and visited family which means eating at other people's houses and also fast food on the road trip there. And donuts. And a late birthday cake with my mother. And roast duck, which is mostly skin and fat. I wallowed in everything.

But from tomorrow I have no more excuses. The kids will be back at school and my husband back at work (he had most of this week off) and I will get back into my routine and stay there. And be firmly enough in it that a slight change in circumstances won't derail me.

Taking Thor with us worked out ok. It was a problem we debated for a while. I used to put my previous dog in a boarding kennel when I travelled, but she was a sturdy outdoor dog (a collie, just like Lassie) who was used to being alone while I was at work. Thor is with people all day, and still only a puppy. And it is freezing here and he is used to being inside. It meant lots of time stuck in the car, and he was car-sick twice, but at least he was with us. He was very popular with my husband's family, where we stayed the night. My mum is allergic to dogs and doesn't like them, so he sat outside the back door at her place and stared in at us through the glass doors. But one of the kids was out with him most of the time. He is very glad to be home and went psycho with happiness.

Aside from diet issues and paying constant attention to making sure Thor didn't have an accident on someone else's floor or jump up on a toddler, it was a good weekend. Got to see lots of family and have a chat with my mum and see my sister-in-law who is having an operation tomorrow.

I spend time on the long drive thinking about the novel I am writing, and as usual I came up with some solutions to problems and ideas about what will happen next. I can get back into writing tomorrow, as well as refocusing on healthy eating.

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  1. The transition from "diet" to "just what we do," is sometimes a very tough leap. It takes time, awareness, a wanting, diligence, and most of all, practice. You're learning about you in a way you wouldn't if you were completely "off the rails." You're doing fantastic. Every experience is leading you back to your awareness. The tricky thing is to try very hard to adjust your perspective about this awareness--where suddenly we don't resent it, rather-embrace it, feel good about it and what it means for us in so many good ways. :)