Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thursday weigh in


Starting weight: 85.3 kg
Last week: 82.3 kg
This week: 82.1 kg
Loss: 0.2 kg
Total loss: 3.2 kg

I am disappointed with myself this week. An infinitesimal loss. It is obvious why, I have been eating too much these past few days.

I am really worried that the honeymoon is over with this diet. That may be quite a good analogy. Just because the honeymoon period is over you don't give up on the relationship. You just have to work at it harder. The basics - drinking more water, preplanning everything, weighing my food instead of guesstimating, reading my flash cards for motivation. I'm going to read one before every meal and snack. [edit: I didn't! But I will keep trying to remember to do that.]

So I looked at that tiny weight loss (better than a gain though, right!), took a deep breath and had a good day. We took Thor for his walk, then went to an indoor playground in the morning (while I read a book), lunch at home, then haircuts and grocery shopping in the afternoon. Lots of opportunities to snack off-plan, but I didn't. Kept to my plan and my calories and feel good about today.


  1. You're so right about the honeymoon period. When we start, we typically lose faster and it gets intoxicating almost--you know? But here we are--and we must convince ourselves that what we're doing isn't a quick and easy means for weight loss--it's a measured and consistent approach for long term success. Along the way, if we choose a good perspective, we start taking joy in many other things other than the dropping number on the scale---and this alternate focus distracts---then suddenly we do notice the scale and realize we're moving along just fine. You're very aware Natalie--You're making adjustments that will serve you well---calling yourself out in a sense...And you're going to make it, my friend.

  2. A loss is a loss :) sometimes you just have to kick it up a notch. If it's not challenging you it's not changing you. Stick with it.