Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Birthday girl


It's my birthday! 44 today. Wow, that is nearly halfway through my life.

I decided not to track my calories today, and to eat what I want. This is not giving up, or giving in. It's just that I was getting so stressed and conflicted about it that I thought I would eat more out of defiance and deprivation than if I just relaxed a bit about it. Not eating until I felt sick, but eating a moderate amount of whatever I wanted. It's two days a year (birthday and Christmas). It might cause a fluctuation upwards, but it's nothing in the lifetime scheme of things. I'm sure there will be an increase tomorrow but a lot of it will be because restaurant food (Thai) is so salty.

Also, I didn't want the day to be all about food. What I could eat, what I wasn't allowed, weighing and measuring, trying to calculate the value of restaurant food... I'll worry about that every other day. Today, just chillin'.

I received this lovely vintage teacup and saucer:

I'd been thinking about getting one for a while, but they are so expensive that I hesitated, I was scared it would get chipped quickly. So my family chose a lovely one for me. And I'll be washing it by hand! Also earrings, books and music, a computer game, and chocolate (from Thor, I really wasn't expecting a present from the dog. And such good quality, too!).

My husband was home for the day so I got to spend time with him, got birthday wishes from various people, and just had a nice day.