Wednesday, July 23, 2014



Today I've been very grateful for routine. It's my first day alone for a few weeks so I thought it could have taken me longer to get back into it, especially since I was so tired, but actually being exhausted meant I was glad not to have to make too many decisions. Even though I didn't pre-plan last night for today, it worked out fine.

Breakfast is always a choice of two (except sometimes on weekends), so I had what I didn't have yesterday. Morning tea is always whatever fruit I fancy, but only fruit. Lunch is more varied, but I had leftovers from last night so that was easy. Afternoon tea is generally the same every day - I hadn't intended that, originally, but I have a favourite (four wholegrain crackers with camembert cheese) and any day I schedule something else I find I'm disappointed. And dinner I always plan and shop for in advance, twice a week, so that decision was made days ago.

I thought about chocolate a couple of times, but it was pretty easy to dismiss the vague craving. And I had calories left at the end of the day so I had two squares for supper.

I still intend to continue to pre-plan, but it's good to know I can get through a day without it.

Exercise was two walks with Thor, a short one to take the kids to school and a longer walk to pick them up, going around the block first. He walks fast, too, it's no idle stroll! My calves are always aching by the end from walking faster than I am used to. We only stop when people want to pat him. I also sat outside in the brief sunshine at lunchtime and read while he gnawed a bone. So I got my vitamin D for the day. Having a puppy does make me get out of the house.

I spent the rest of the day napping or staring blankly into space, so it wasn't a very productive day. Ok, a slight exaggeration. But not much. But anyway, it was a good day in terms of healthy choices. I look forward to a good sleep tonight.

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