Saturday, July 12, 2014

Playing at the park


I am so up and down with my eating at the moment. Yesterday I was out with the kids and decided to go to my favourite fried chicken place for lunch. Not quite as greasy as KFC, but pretty bad. But they have a skinless breast with the same seasonings but much less fat, less than 200 calories for a piece according to their board, and I've had it before and it's yummy, so I figured that with that and a few chips (fries) I would be ok. Not much nutrition, but a treat I could fit into my calories for the day. Unfortunately I then ate some of my children's leftovers. I couldn't resist that crispy fried chicken. And extra salty chips. I didn't eat all of it, I threw a whole (slightly nibbled by my son) piece of chicken away so that was a small victory, but I still ate a lot more than I had meant to.

Today we took Thor out for his daily walk - we are up to 30 minutes now and he loves it - and then shortly after we came home I started feeling really down for no reason. It got worse and worse, the world seemed a horrible place and I was sad and grumpy. I finally tried eating some chocolate. And I was right, I was experiencing low blood sugar. I used to get that quite often but hardly ever these days. I'm "only" pre-diabetic but I seem quite sensitive to blood sugar fluctuations. I don't know why it happened today, I'd had my afternoon snack shortly before the walk so I shouldn't have had a drop. The only way to fix it is to eat carbs. Chocolate seems to work pretty fast.

I planned a nice dessert today, just because it was Saturday, originally, but also it turned out to be our monthaversary (we used to go out on a special date night each month to celebrate our first date, and later our wedding, harder with kids). Tim made crepes and instead of having lemon juice and sugar I made an orange sauce with fresh orange segments, and cream and chocolate. It was delicious, but we all felt very full afterwards. Each crepe is around 100 calories, plain, and we had two each; but I later worked out that each plate was well over 500 calories! And this was after dinner. So I think that was a bad decision. It is all very well to have an occasional treat or dessert but I have to work out my calories beforehand AND stick to my plan! I should have just had one crepe, not two - 280 calories is a bit more feasible.

Most of the day I am doing well, but I keep having these moments that I should have dealt with better.

Thor and Aiden having a great time at the park. I don't have any good close-ups - they were too busy moving!


  1. You know what? You're learning, Natalie! And, you're aware!! Being aware and present is a BIG deal along this road. It's when we throw our hands up and say, "I'm done-and I'm not caring anymore," that defeats us. You're winning. You do care and this is important to you. If it wasn't, you wouldn't be writing in this blog everyday! Hang in there--keep learning, keep making adjustments--and mostly, enjoy the journey--the self discovery along the way can be fabulous!!

  2. I agree with Sean, you're learning. Kudos for having the chicken without the skin, that was a positive. Another positive, is the 30 minute walk. Keeping working to find balance and making more positives. That will leave less room for negatives. I'm rooting for you. Have a great day.