Monday, July 28, 2014

Yay for Monday


I can't say that Mondays are my favourite day of the week, but they are excellent as a dieter. On Monday morning you can put the slightly indulgent weekend behind you and refresh. Not that I was particularly bad on the weekend - an extra bit here and there - but Monday always has the whole "new week" vibe that washes any past sins away.

I also do my main grocery shopping trip on Mondays, so it's an excellent opportunity to restock fresh healthy foods, without any "I'll grab this for the weekend" (not for me, of course not, for Tim and the kids) temptation.

So today was mainly grocery shopping and spending time with Thor and numerous little jobs that build up - like organising for a tree to be trimmed because the electricity company says it's getting to close to power lines. And passing on feedback to the publishers on a proof copy of a novel that is due to come out in a few months.

While at the shops I saw a neighbour friend and we had a chat in the cheese aisle - as she said it was the longest we'd got to talk for months! We've always been friends but life gets busy with children of various ages. Her youngest must have been in childcare, there was no little person in her trolley demanding attention. So it was nice to catch up. She also expressed openness to doing some puppy minding if needed (maybe not for a whole weekend yet, but for a few hours) so that is good for the future. Family want us to visit again already! But I am feeling very resistant to the long trip again so soon.

As usual we went for a short walk in the morning, just up to the school, and a longer walk in the afternoon. He still walks very fast and pulls me along, and again I got a cramp in my leg. Maybe I need to stretch and warm up before we go! No way I can get him to start slow, not without cruelty. He's slowly learning, but the first five minutes are always like he can smell roast chicken down the road. Part of the time we were going 6 km/h. I did 7000 steps today, so clearly a couple of walks isn't enough when I am sitting for the rest of the day. Something to work on.

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  1. The freshness of a Monday is always a best part about it! Nice grocery shopping strategy!! Thor sounds very excitable! How precious is that? Nice. Great exercise, Natalie!