Sunday, July 6, 2014

Farming Simulator 2013


It's worrying when a blogger takes a long, unexpected break. Josh over at 700 pounds is as bad as it sounds hasn't posted for a month, and he was heading into a challenging time. It is possible that his laptop died, or that he is just really busy with family visiting, but of course it is possible that he has stalled a bit in his efforts to be healthy. Josh, in case you have been avoiding reading the comments on your last blog (some of them are a bit trolly, why is it some people will say anything as long as they are "anonymous"?, but most are very caring) but are reading here - if you have done some backsliding don't let guilt or shame stop you getting back to posting. I find blogging can really help. You don't need to tell your readers how "bad" you have been if you don't want to, it's no-one's business. You can just say you're back, and heading in the right direction. You have a lot of people out there who care about you.

Yesterday morning I twisted my neck somehow and ended up being unable to turn my head to the right. It was pretty sore. I spent most of the day very sedentary, staring straight ahead. By late afternoon I was about 50% better and did half an hour of gentle dancing (very carefully, without moving my head!), by bedtime I was 75% better. This morning still a little twinge, I'd say 90%. Calories excellent.

I had a really bad night, not due to my neck as far as I could tell, in fact no reason I could see. I didn't have caffeine late or anything. But I woke often and lay awake for a long time each time, tired but sleepless. Tried with and without my CPAP, neither worked. Oh well, it's Sunday so I didn't have any commitments today.

We took Thor for a walk today - a 20 minute walk wipes him out for the rest of the day! - and I did 20 minutes dancing. Whether from the sleepless night or some other reason, I just had no energy today. Exercise was so difficult. I couldn't keep up with the energy levels or the choreography. Doesn't matter, I did something.

I've been spending way too much time playing this computer game Tim bought me for my birthday. It's a farm simulation, but nothing like the cutesy Farmville, HayDay etc I'd played before. This is as close to reality as they could get it. I've spent hours each day mastering the various pieces of farm machinery; ploughing, seeding and harvesting my fields; collecting eggs, mowing grass to feed the sheep and transporting wool to the sale yards... it goes on and on. It takes me hours to manage my four fields, and there are 42 available once I earn enough money! But how I manage that without playing about 38 hours a day, I'm not sure! I'll cut back after the school holidays...

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  1. I hope Josh is back soon. I am glad you mentioned this, and Josh we all slip up. I for once had the longest slip over.
    I would like to see this game of yours ;)