Wednesday, July 9, 2014



I'm glad we got Thor out for a nice long walk this morning (25 minutes, long for his little legs) because it later started raining. Freezing wet day. No car, either, today, so we were pretty much stuck inside. Thor got muddy on one of his brief trips outside and I had to give his feet a wash. I let the kids watch more TV than usual, and got them to have a mini-Olympics around the house which I opted out of - I lay on the lounge with the puppy draped over me and went to sleep for half an hour. We couldn't find any free kids to come over for a play. I really should have come up with more things to do but luckily my two play very well together and come up with all sorts of games. I did agree to making and icing gingerbread men with them some time soon, but didn't have the energy today.

I am struggling with food a lot more than I expected these past few days. Being outside my routine plus really cold weather make me want to eat! Today both my lunch and my afternoon snack blew out - same food as I'd planned to eat but just more of it than I intended. I had my normal dinner but then high calorie chocolate and cashews in the evening. I went beyond fullness several times. I haven't even counted my calories for the last few hours of today. My head isn't in the right space, too many moments of "I don't care". Of course I do care, really.

I'm not depressed or anything, just not doing so well with my eating. Luckily every day (every moment) is a chance to make better decisions.


  1. My kids are on summer break, and that "I don't care" mantra is a dangerous one that crops up now and then. It's the problem with a vacation - they're on one, and I'm not, but my schedule is all messed up because of it and I WANT to be on one! :)

  2. It is all the weather's fault - I get where you are coming from, when it is cold you just want to eat something filling, warm and comforting, and in my case this means that that meal will 98.75% off the time be something filling, warm, comforting and FATTENING! Please summer, come back, soon

  3. "Luckily every day (every moment) is a chance to make better decisions." Natalie, hang tough! Warmer weather is on the way again in not long-- the sun is shining, even when it doesn't feel like it. You care, Natalie--ir you wouldn't be writing out how you feel. Have faith in yourself--believe Natalie--this is your time--a time unlike any other. This is THE time it all changes, Natalie. I'm so excited for you!!! Are you excited?? Come on, are you? :)