Friday, July 4, 2014

Another good day


A very good day. I may have spent quite a lot of it playing the computer game I got for my birthday... well it was fun! I had a great night sleep last night which made me feel much better, my calories were good, I did half an hour walking (with Thor, who strides out strongly) and half an hour dancing.

Apart from that, well I gave Thor a bath. He smells a lot less doggy now. He walked with me to the school to pick up the kids, first time for him, and he got so much attention! He loved the kids, a bit nervous about the other dog there.

It was the last day of term, so now we have two weeks school holidays. I hadn't really thought about that until just now in terms of food. I'll have to be careful to manage my eating, outside my usual routine of being home alone a lot of the day. But it's not like I get a lot of junk for the kids. Just sometimes we might go to fast food after being out somewhere, or something unhealthy at the movies. I'll have to work around that. Actually, I often seem to be "on a diet" during school holidays because I always seem to be sneaking a little bag of almonds or something into the movies!


  1. Nice day, Natalie! Great exercise! Something very positive to me, is how you hadn't given much thought to the next two weeks of school holiday. Some might call it not planning-- I don't necessarily see it that way-- I like to think of it in terms of, what you're doing to take better care is "running in the background" of your life... Because I think it's important to be diligent and consistent without it becoming an all consuming thing-- You know? It's important, yes, very--but for me, the goal is that these changes complement my life, not overpower it. So wonderful to read your fantastic blog! Excellent work, my friend!

  2. Nice walks! I bet Thor was the belle of the ball at that school!