Tuesday, July 8, 2014

School holidays


So far we have been to see a movie (Rio 2), to the library, and shopping for more winter clothes for the kids. We don't like to leave the house for long periods because the puppy is shut up in the bathroom when we are out (when he is older and it isn't so freezing out, he can be outside). I thought the movie was pretty mediocre but the kids really enjoyed it and they are the target audience, not me. I did enjoy some of the lines from the evil cockatoo, which probably went over the kids' heads.

I find being out of my usual routine a bit challenging. I didn't eat any junk at the movies but I ate too many healthy snacks (nuts and dried fruit) because it was my usual lunchtime. Then we went to our favourite Mexican restaurant for a late lunch. It is usually pretty fresh and light there but today the server put a ridiculous amount of cheese on everything, and as it was melted and fused into everything it was impossible to remove any. I compensated by only eating half of my quesadilla but still felt I'd had too much. Much as I like melted cheese, I couldn't taste anything else which was disappointing.

Yesterday I had an alcoholic drink (apple cider) and then felt relaxed enough to have a bit more chocolate than I'd planned. I will be over my calories today and tomorrow, and I've still got games night this evening to get through.

I've realised that I mainly have problems on games night when I provide treats that tempt me, it's hardly ever what others bring. So I have some nice but healthy options tonight. I'll let you know how that goes.

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  1. Good luck with game night. Having the healthy options around is a great idea. I find it hard not to munch if others are on game night.