Wednesday, July 12, 2017



We went to archery yesterday, at Sydney Olympic Park (where they held the Olympics). Tim has quite a lot of experience and actually had his own bow as a child (still stashed away at his dad's house somewhere), I've done it a few times, Jasmine once at school, Aiden never. Since we all like fantasy stuff which includes a lot of medieval Europe settings, archery appeals to all of us. Pity the park isn't really that close to us.

Tim did really well, getting several bull's eyes and popping the balloon on his target. I did ok at the start, got worse, then improved back to my starting level! An average of 2 out of 3 arrows at least hitting the board. Jasmine only a few hits. Aiden was the dark horse, after never having picked up a bow he got two bull's eyes including one right in the very middle of the middle, a perfect shot, and also popped his balloon. He had a smaller bow and a slightly closer target for kids, but not that much closer! You can see in the photo. I didn't get many photos as we were all shooting at the same time and the instructor made sure we all walked up to get our arrows at the same time so we couldn't really muck around or we'd delay everyone.

It was fun. I think Tim could have gone for another hour but my fingers were sore.

Jasmine has been doing holiday gymnastic sessions. She is getting quite serious about it. She does partner work, with her as the 'big' partner lifting a little girl and will be in competitions this year. She can do full splits now, and all the stuff I could never imagine being flexible enough to do like touching her forehead to her knee. Still is still doing dance classes (tap, modern and hip hop) but not at performance level and she seems to like acrogym more now.

My sleep has been so bad lately that I dragged my CPAP machine out again, as I do periodically. I hate wearing it, but I know I should. [I have sleep apnoea, which means I stop breathing frequently while I'm asleep, in my case 15 times an hour which is 'moderate' level. It is often related to obesity, when the neck muscles relax all the fat pushes down on the airway and closes it off. You wake with a gasp, often not really aware of it before you go back to sleep, obviously meaning you get a terrible night's sleep. It is not my only sleep issue but it is a major one.] The CPAP machine blows air continuously up my nose which holds the airway open. I have the one with just a nose attachment, not a full mask. It is as comfortable and quiet as they can make it, but it's still very annoying having a big hose attached to your nose when you are trying to sleep. Often I give up because I just can't get to sleep at all. In summer it is sweaty and horrible but at least that isn't a problem now.

I gave the machine a good clean and managed to keep it on for two hours, getting a bit of sleep during that time. But by then my nose was very sore, it takes me a while to build up tolerance, like wearing a new pair of shoes. I'm such a delicate flower. So I took it off, planning to wear it a bit longer the next night. But then yesterday I came down with a cold. Sneezing and runny nose. So I can't wear it. Or won't. Yuck. Hopefully I'll get over this cold soon. I don't think it's the nasty flu going round, I don't have muscle aches or anything.

Tim is home this week, I think he would have liked to get away but Jasmine has an activity or party literally every day so we can't (Aiden is a homebody like me). He has been doing lots around the house. I mentioned that 'Spark Joy' book to him about decluttering and he went and sorted his clothes and threw heaps out!

I've had four weeks off and I'm quite keen to get back to my course. I feel a bit adrift and purposeless at the moment. Of course it's lovely to have lots of time to read and play computer games (and see my family of course, but I see them anyway) but I am ready to get back to work. Mental work. Not housework. Never keen for that.

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