Monday, July 17, 2017

Staff development day


The kids were supposedly back at school today (and Tim back at work) but after I sent Aiden off on his bike I got a call from his school to say it was staff development day (pupil-free) and was there someone home for them to send Aiden home to? Of course I said yes and he rode back. Freezing cold, we snuggled back in bed together for a while. I knew Jasmine has a day off next week but no idea about Aiden's. Despite frequent attempts I can't seem to get his school newsletter automatically emailed to me and I often forget to check their website so I miss things.

I continue to gain weight. 84.1 kg this morning. Since I am very short, that is a horrible number. I've gained more than 2 kg in the past three weeks, which is very fast for me. Usually I gain slowly and lose slowly. It's depressing. I'm not sleeping well, it's cold, I'm a bit bored, all things that encourage me to eat more. I've found that exercise triggers me to eat a lot more too. I need to get this under control. It's not a weird unexplained weight gain, it is very easily explained.

I see the exercise physio tomorrow then the dietician on Wednesday. Not sure what I am going to say to her.

We've had bad news in the family. My father-in-law's partner, together at least five years maybe more (he is a widower), has just been diagnosed with lung cancer. Jo doesn't smoke, I don't know if she used to. They are still doing more tests and biopsies but they may have to remove the lung, or part of it. She is 70 and morbidly obese, I don't think surgery would have a good outcome. Her sister died recently of cancer. Very scary for her. If she does come through an operation she is going to have a hard time getting around with only one lung, she already has lots of hip and knee problems and not being able to breathe fully would be horrible. We're hoping for good news from the tests that they don't need to operate.

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