Tuesday, July 4, 2017



Today the kids and I saw Despicable Me 3. Fun movie. All that series have been good. Possibly too many fart/bottom jokes for my sensibilities. I loved the music, which was all 80s.

Our tiler, who rarely keeps his promises to come and do some work, actually turned up this morning before we were even out of bed. Two guys were here for a couple of hours then left without comment. It looks... finished. It looked kind of wet and sticky for hours, parts in the shade took all day to dry, I assume that is the sealant? I am cautiously excited that the paving is finally done, after more than eight weeks of being stuffed around. It looks really good, I don't know why it always looks slightly dirty in photographs.

But... if it is fully completed would he just go without saying anything? Wouldn't he want to let me know? Maybe he didn't want to be held to his promise of cleaning up after himself! Honestly I don't care much, as long as the paving is done. He left the gate open, too, I thought maybe he was coming back soon... of course no. I will contact him tomorrow to find out what is going on.

The kids and I have a holiday project of sorting the boxes in the garage. There were a dozen or so, things we didn't unpack right away when we moved a year and a half ago. Obviously nothing vital! They were originally stacked neatly to the side but as months passed we rummaged through some of them to find things and gradually got more and more disordered and in the way of parking the car. We've stacked them neatly again and sorted through four boxes of toys and 'dress-up' clothes. Keeping one box-worth, the rest to younger family members, charity, or a lot straight to the bin. Our plan is a box a day over the holidays which should get it done. Actually we already know quite a few boxes will stay sealed and out there so we won't be sorting those for now. It feels good to be getting that done when it's been an eyesore for over a year.

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