Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Mind and body


TAFE has started this week, yay! I've completed work for week one in the two subjects I have access to so far. I have two more online subjects that I'm waiting for access to, and also two face-to-face classes coming up. I was only going to do one, but Tim has organised to go in to work late one day a week (staying home to get the kids off to school) so I can get to a morning class. Isn't that lovely! Unfortunately he can't do it this week, and there is also other stuff going on with the kids that day, so in week one I'll be very late to one of my classes (1.5 hour late in a 2.5 hour class) and then have to leave early from the other! I was a bit stressed about that at about 5am this morning, tossing and turning, but I'm sure it won't be a big deal really. If it was any other week (than week one) I wouldn't be bothered at all, but I'm going to miss the introduction to my morning class and being told what the assessments are and all that, and also possibly make a bad first impression on the teacher (I don't know who it is or if they've taught me before).

That aside, I'm really happy to be back into study. I feel full of purpose again.

Yesterday the pool people finally turned up and did the first bit of the final step with more-or-less promises that it will be finished this week. That would be exciting but I won't be holding my breath. Monday was the one year anniversary of when we signed the contracts and were told it would be done by Christmas! 12 months...

It's three weeks since the tiler finished and said he would come back to clean up - main problem is a lot of white stains (concrete?) on our stonework - and I've decided I WILL hassle him about coming back. Why should he get away with it? My expectations had got so low that I was happy the job was done, but it's not really finished while the area is a mess. So I've started that process, and got a 'call u 2morw'.

I've been persisting with wearing my CPAP at night but without much luck. I still have a lot of trouble getting to sleep and wake up again (and take it off) after only a couple of hours. I'm restless anyway, even without it. I've never liked meditation but I've been doing some beginner Tai Chi which I'm enjoying so maybe meditation in motion? Less boring. Maybe it will help to calm my mind.

I was thinking the other night (lying awake) about how much I separate mind and body. ME is my mind, my body is just the vehicle. If I was given a body transplant (no such thing as a head transplant in my view, the head stays the same the body is changed) or my consciousness was downloaded into a robot or magically transferred into a cat, I would still be ME. Yet this completely discounts the interaction between mind and body. Each affects and shapes the other. In reality I am both. They are one. I need to take more ownership of my body. It's just as much ME as my thoughts are. What do you think?

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