Sunday, October 15, 2017

Blue ribbon


We spent Saturday morning at a family birthday party, Lucy was the first of our new babies last year and she just turned one! The party was very nice but it is really pissing me off that no-one has noticed my eight kilogram weight loss yet! I'll go out somewhere feeling like I'm quite a bit thinner, but come home feeling like I must look just the same. Well I can see the difference.

We all spent Sunday morning working in the front yard: pruning hedges and pulling some of the weeds from the lawn and trimming edges and raking. Tim and I did about two and a half hours and the kids helped for most of that. It was a good workout.

I went over to our neighbor's on Friday to ask about getting something in writing that they are ok with the noise from the heat pump, Craig was away but his wife whose name unfortunately I can't remember said she would talk to him. I'm hoping that will be resolved soon. Today she saw us working in our front yard and brought out some warm apple muffins she'd just made and had a chat. So she is willingly to be friendly and repair any awkwardness or bad feelings.

Sunday afternoon was the highlight of the weekend. Jasmine had her trial for the State acrobatic gymnastics competition, she and her partner got a blue ribbon (the highest rank) and are through to the State final! It was a much bigger event than the little one a couple of weeks ago, with a lot more competitors, and held at an enormous Olympic-fitted gymnasium. Everyone from Jasmine's acrogym school did well. I know Jasmine certainly worked very hard. We are so proud!


  1. I bet people are noticing your weight loss! But perhaps they are not sure if they should say anything? It's an awkward position to be in. On one hand you want to compliment the individual on the weight loss because it's something to be proud of. On the other, mentioning it may also send a message that there was something wrong with that person before; that they were faulty and unappealing. Do you know what I mean? I'm not sure I'm explaining it right. Sometimes people think they're being more tactful by saying nothing.

    1. You're probably right - because that is how I often feel complimenting other people on weight loss! Should I say anything? What if they haven't lost weight after all? What if it sounds like I think they were fat before? My usual strategy is to comment how great they are looking without referring to weight at all.