Monday, October 2, 2017



A kookaburra has started visiting us again. Apparently he likes cold roast lamb.

Today we got home at lunchtime and found a big lizard (some kind of skink, not sure if a blue-tongue lizard or not) on our front doorstep.
An hour after seeing him on our front steps, went outside and found him on our back steps! I assume it's the same one. We call him Grumpy, because he looks very cranky. Probably sick of us watching him. Can't he get a moment's peace somewhere in the garden? I gave him some cold chicken.

And finally a tropical hibiscus flower from our new garden.
(You know that thing in the middle is basically the flower's penis, right?)

I spent most of the day working on another assignment. A stupid one, that I feel is a big waste of time. Hours I'll never get back again. But it has to be done.


  1. Your hibiscus is lovely.

    1. Thanks, they are only little plants but they are blooming like crazy with a new flower every couple of days. The flowers are half the size of the baby shrub!