Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Interview at the library


I had my interview today. It was barely an interview really, more a ten minute chat. She mentioned a couple of points on my resume (You worked for Centrelink for ten years, so your customer service should be fine) and told me about the job (four hour shifts mainly returning books to shelves, told me wages etc). What they are looking for is someone who can work weekends and evenings  - the head library is open every weekday until 9. I can do weekends and I offered one evening (which was a compromise for me because evenings aren't really convenient for me). I don't know if that will be enough, she said evenings were important. I suppose it depends what other applicants can do. She said she will be letting people know tomorrow.

It's not a challenging position but it would be a foot in the door. It's in a good location for me and decent money considering the level of difficulty. But on the other hand I'm not prepared to completely neglect my family for a casual job.

I saw my doctor in the afternoon and got another prescription for Duromine. I told her that the past two weeks it hadn't seemed to have any effect any more, and she supported my suggestion that I wait a few days before restarting, but she said a 10-14 day gap was needed rather than the shorter gap I'd planned (it's already been 3 days). So I'll try that. I certainly haven't experienced any withdrawal symptoms or cravings for it or anything like that. I've been eating more, and making worse food choices, but that slide happened well before I ran out of pills. I need to keep a rein on myself, I'm ok with maintaining for a couple more weeks but I don't want to regain all I've lost! And I need to start some other kind of exercise now the bulk of the hard work in the garden is done - pottering around and watering like I'm doing now isn't the same as hours of digging and carrying rocks.

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